Dr. Grimsley Graham

The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas was founded upon the merging of three large and well-respected surgical groups in Little Rock, Arkansas. Each of these groups was originally founded in the mid-1900’s and provided excellent and comprehensive surgical care to the entire state. Dr. Grimsley Graham, one of our founding surgeons, established The Surgical Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas following the Korean War in the early 1950’s. He was one of the first thoracic surgeons in the area and provided excellent surgical care throughout his entire career!

As The Surgical Clinic grew over the years, many of the best surgeons in Arkansas joined forces with Dr. Graham. One of the first to join, Dr. Ben Lincoln, practiced alongside Dr. Graham for many years. In 1978, Dr. Hugh Burnett joined the group and carried on the tradition of comprehensive general and thoracic surgical care. Dr. Everett Tucker was next to join in 1980 and contributed his expertise in vascular surgery, endocrine surgery, and surgical oncology. A later addition, Dr. Paul Osteen, practiced general surgery in the group for many years until he retired and became a full time minister at Lakewood Church in Houston, Tx.

Another excellent surgical group in Little Rock joined forces with The Surgical Clinic to form the largest and most respected surgical clinic in the state of Arkansas. This group had been previously founded by Dr. Howard Schwander, a board certified surgeon and pathologist. This group included Dr. Pat Osam who contributed greatly in surgical oncology, breast surgery, and endocrine surgery. Dr. Mark Gibbs was also part of this group, and contributed uniquely with his advanced skills in laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery.

Dr. Howard Schwander

The Surgical Clinic was also joined by several well-respected surgeons from St. Vincent Infirmary. This well-respected group was previously founded in the late 1940’s by Dr. Henry Hollenberg, a well-known and well-respected surgeon who completed his surgical training at Johns Hopkins. Other surgeons in this group included Dr. Robert Jones and his son, Dr. John Jones, who carried on the tradition of surgical excellence at St. Vincent Infirmary. Today, Dr. John Jones contributes his expertise in surgical oncology, pancreatic surgery, and hepatic surgery. Dr. Michael Pollock also contributes significantly, with particular expertise in vascular surgery and trauma care.

The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas was thus formed upon the merging of three highly-respected surgical groups in Little Rock. Over the years, our clinic has continued to grow and while we still provide excellent surgical care for the greater Central Arkansas area, we have expanded to include satellite clinics at regional hospitals throughout the state. Our commitment to providing exceptional care stems from our rich surgical heritage, but it is our dedication to continued training & education that allows us to provide surgical tradition on the cutting edge.